We specialise in environmental research and monitoring equipment for researchers, engineers, growers, consultants and students in the environmental and life sciences


Edaphic Scientific has a complete range of soil moisture, water potential and nutrients sensors, meters and data loggers for researchers, growers, consultants, engineers and students


We have a range of scientific equipment to measure and monitor transpiration (sap flow), water potential, temperature, dendrometers, photosynthesis and more


Edaphic Scientific is a one-stop shop for environmental monitoring systems. We source sensors, program data loggers, install equipment, and provide cloud-based data management software


Our detectors measure dissolved or atmospheric gases including CO2, CO, methane, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen and pH. Underwater and telemetry data loggers available


We have a range of solutions for the measurement of soil water content, water quality, water level, water flow and velocity, with our sensors, meters and telemetry data loggers

about us

Edaphic Scientific provides environmental research and monitoring equipment for scientists, researchers, engineers, consultants and students across universities, government agencies and industry. We specialise in providing microsensors, detectors and meters for the measurement of light, gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen, soil moisture, plant water use, and water quality. We also specialise in providing environmental monitoring systems with telemetry data loggers for a range of applications including scientific research, mining, horticulture, agriculture, landfills, aquaculture, deep sea oil and gas monitoring, waste water quality and groundwater. Edaphic Scientific can design monitoring systems, recommend, source and install sensors and data loggers, and undertake data analysis for your project.