dissolved CO2 deep sea sensor

Pro-Oceanus CO2 Pro (Mobile)

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The CO2-Pro™ is a lightweight, compact, and versatile sensor for measuring the partial pressure of CO2 in water. It is designed for in-situ pCO2 measurement on shipboard in underway-mode, in the laboratory and on moorings, profilers and gliders.

The CO2-Pro™ is a versatile pCO2 instrument featuring the Pro-Oceanus patented pump-driven tubular gas transfer interface.This revolutionary interface provides rapid equilibration of surrounding water with a NDIR detector.

Long-term stability is achieved with the CO2-Pro™ sensor through an automatic zero compensation circuit that removes all CO2 from the detector prior to a zero reference measurement. The CO2-Pro™ dissolved CO2 instrument comes with plug-n-play ease of operation, and a range of data handling options including storage onboard, and continuous or pollable output.


  • High precision and accuracy
  • Low power and lightweight
  • Unique antifouling protection
  • Onboard logging available
  • Atmosphere option (below)




feature specification
Measurement Ranges 0-600 µatm | 0-1000 µatm | 0-2000 µatm | other custom ranges are available
Accuracy 2 µatm
Response Time (T63) 2.5 minutes with pump
Operating Temperature Arctic version: -2 to 15ºC | Standard: 0 to 30ºC | Tropical version: 15 to 40ºC
Depth Tolerance 110m
physical dimensions
Length 33 cm (add 10 cm for connectors)
Diameter 19 cm
Weight 5.5 kg in air | 0.4 kg in water
Housing Delrin®
electrical characteristics
Input Voltage 12-18 V DC
Power Consumption 0.4 A (includes water pump) | 1.2 A during warmup
Data Output RS-232 serial output | ASCII format (other outputs available)
Data Storage 2 GB (with data logging option)
Sample Rate 1.6 seconds | user selectable