CO and CO2 meters, detectors and controllers

portable CO2 or CO metersIAQ, HVAC & ventilationbreweries, cool rooms, car parks

Portable CO2 DetectorEdaphic Scientific supplies a full range of CO2 detectors for HVAC and ventilation, CO detectors for car parks, portable meters and controllers for all applications. All of our detectors and meters are easy to use, require low maintenance, and are low cost. Please select from the options below or contact us to speak with one of our gas detector experts about your application.
Our portable CO or CO2 meters are designed for personal safety and can be used for any safety application.

CO Car ParkOur CO detectors can connect into your BMS or controller or we can provide controllers for you.

We also supply CO2 transmitters to control ventilation inside buildings. Our CO2 transmitters have Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) feature.





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