methane & groundwater

  • Methane SensorContinuous measurements or portable, field monitors
  • Accurately measure groundwater CH4 down boreholes or other access points
  • Ideal for scientific research or environmental monitoring
  • We can provide telemetry data loggers or assist you in connecting CH4 sensors to your existing monitoring system



mini-pro CH4 sensor


Mini CH4 SensorThe PSI Mini-Pro CH4 Sensor is ideal for measuring soil methane partial pressure. The sensor is designed for long-term monitoring in any soil environment. It is easily supported by any data logging platform and has a low power consumption.

The PSI Mini-Pro CH4 Sensor can be combined with the EOSense range of soil CO2 concentration or flux sensors for complete environmental monitoring and budget analysis of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Our range of sensors are ideal for scientific research or for consultants and environmental management.


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feature specification
Measurement Ranges 0-1 % (~0-300 μg/L) | 0-10 % (~0-3 mg/L) | 0-100 % (~0-30 mg/L)
Resolution 0.01 % | 0.1% for 0-100% measurement range
Total Dissolved Gas Pressure (TDGP) Range 0 to 3 Bar
Accuracy pCH4: 2% of full scale | TDGP: 1 % of full scale
Response Time (T63) 6 minutes
Operating Temperature -2 to 50 ˚C
Depth Tolerance 300 m (Delrin®model) | 4000 m (titanium model)
physical dimensions
Length 28 cm (+ 9 cm for battery pack)
Diameter 5 cm
Weight 1 kg in air | 0.25 kg in water
Housing Delrin® (waterproof to 300 meters) | Titanium (waterproof to 4000 meters)
electrical characteristics
Input Voltage 6-12 V DC
Power Consumption 100 mA | 120 mA during warmup
Data Output RS-232 | Analog 0-5 V | 4-20 mA
Data Storage 2 GB (with data logging option)
Sample Rate 1 second | user selectable