landfill environmental monitoring

methane landfill detectorEdaphic Scientific supplies a comprehensive range of portable meters, in-situ detectors and sensors, and laboratory equipment, for landfill environmental monitoring and compliance.

Our portable instruments are lightweight, easy to use and low cost. Various models are available to measure individual gases, or a combination of gases, including methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2).

Our in-situ sensors can measure either atmospheric gases above ground, soil gas profiles, or dissolved gases in water. They can be buried in soil or deployed in boreholes to depths of 300m. All of our sensors are compatible with leading brands of data loggers, including Campbell Scientific and Data Taker, as well as SCADA systems. Our expert scientists and engineers can assist you with data loggers and scripts.

We also provide laboratory instrumentation, such as the spectral absorbance instrument, for the spectral measurements of liquid samples.