Measure O2 partial pressure or concentration at micro and cellular scales


The oxygen micro-optode can measure atmospheric or dissolved O2 at cellular scales

dissolved oxygen

Sensors, portable meters and lab meters for the measurement of DO

deep sea

Measure dissolved oxygen (DO) to depths of 6000m on CTD's or submersible probe systems

oxygen meter

A portable or data logging atmospheric O2 meter that is ideal for biological incubators

oxygen meter

A portable, handheld, low-cost oxygen meter for workplace safety and quality control

biogas meter

A portable or data logging meter to measure atmospheric O2, CH4 and CO2

oxygen for HVAC

Oxygen transmitter and detector for IAQ, HVAC and BMS units.

oxygen sensor

O2 concentration sensor development kit with USB and software interface

soil & compost

A portable meter for oxygen and temperature in soil and composts