soil & compost oxygen meter

Compost Oxygen MeterSensor for monitoring oxygen and temperature inside compost heaps during bio-oxidation process or bio-filter in on-line or portable measurements.



Oxygen Measuring range: 0 – 25%

Sensing element: Electrochemical cell

Accuracy: 0.3 %

Resolution: 0.01 %

Response time (T63): 40 s

Long term output drift: <10% signal loss/year


Temperature measuring range: 0-100°C

Sensing element: Pt100

Accuracy: 0.3°C

Resolution: 0.05°C

Response time (T63): 80 s

Environmental Protection: IP66

Power supply: 12 Vdc

Power consumption: 1 W

Operatiing temperature:  -20 to 60°C

Dimensions: 500X120X1390 mm

Weight: 3.7 Kg

Material Electronic box: AISI316, Rods: AISI304

Mounting: Vertical insertion

Calibration: Every 12 months

Maintenance: Electrochemical cell replacement (ML3390)

Mounting category: EN 61010: cat. 2