microSpider data logger

  • Plug-and-Play or write your own programs
  • 4 x analog sensors or numerous SDI-12 or RS-485 sensors
  • In-built modem for remote download of data
  • SMS and email alarms and alerts
  • Environmental enclosure for long-term field monitoring


The MicroSpider Data Logger is a compact, low cost and low power data logger with direct download via USB connection or remote download via mobile phone network. Data can be sent remotely via email or FTP. Up to 8 alarms sent via SMS, email or voice, with user defined input and trigger points. The Spider SMS can be housed in a IP65 rated powder-coated box for long-term installations in all environmental conditions.


  • 8 channels for SDI-12, voltage, 4 to 20mA or counter sensors
  • Capacity: 400,000 records
  • Time Resolution: 1 second
  • Download Format: csv file
  • Direct Communication: Ethernet 10 base-T RJ-45 (cable supplied)
  • Mobile Phone Communication: Built-in GSM or NextG to email or FTP
  • Internet Connectivity: GPRS or 3G
  • Power Supply: 20W solar panel or mains to charge built-in sealed led acid battery


specification sheet and manual

Download MicroSpider Specification Sheet

Download MicroSpider Manual