dendrometers for small fruits

LVDT Fruit DendrometerThe FI-XSM absolute displacement sensor provides recording both size and growth rate of intact small rounded fruits within 4 to 30 mm in diameter.

The FI-type sensor consists of an LVDT transducer with a hanging spring, and a DC powered signal conditioner. Standard cable length between sensor and signal conditioner is 1 meter.

The probe is connected by a standard 1-meter cable to the waterproof box with the signal conditioner inside.

The output cable length should be specified in the order if required.


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feature specification
Adjustable range of fruit diameter 4 to 30 mm
Measurement linear range (LVDT stroke) 0 to 10 mm
Sensitivity 0.2 V/mm
Noise < 1 mV w/filter, 1 kHz cutoff
Resolution 0.005 mm
Output SDI-12, RS-485, Voltage or 4..20mA
Supply Voltage 10 to 30 VDC
Power FI-XSM: 1.5 W max | FI-XSMi: 2 W max
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 ℃
Temperature Effect < 0.02 % total stroke / ℃
Excitation Time 5 seconds
Physical Dimensions 110 × 40 × 15 mm
Cable length between probe and signal conditioner 1 m
Cable length between signal conditioner and data logger 5 m (standard) | maximum: 10 m for voltage sensors; 200 m for 4 .. 20 mA sensors





Download Extra Small Fruit Dendrometer Manual