Decagon LP-80 AccuPAR

Leaf Area Index Meter– leaf area index (LAI) instrument

The AccuPAR LP-80 Ceptometer is a lightweight, portable, linear array of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) sensors for non-destructive leaf area index (LAI) measurements. It allows you to measure canopy PAR interception and calculate LAI at any location within a plant or forest canopy. PAR data can be used with other climate data to estimate biomass production without destroying the crop. With the AccuPAR there is no need to wait, it uses radiation measurements and other parameters to accurately calculate leaf area index in real time, in the field.


lightweight, self-contained

The AccuPAR weighs a little over one pound (0.5kg). The attached controller, powered by four AA batteries, can be used to take measurements manually or log data unattended for short periods of time. It stores over 2,000 readings for later download and analysis.


above canopy sensor

The included external PAR sensor can be used to make simultaneous above, and below-canopy PAR measurements as a reference for intercepted light. Using both the external sensor and the AccuPAR together allows you to get accurate PAR and LAI data in clear, partly cloudy, or overcast sky conditions.


feature specification
Data Storage Capacity 1 MB RAM (over 2,000 measurements)
Number of Sensors 80
PAR Range 0 to > 2,500 μmol m-2s-1
Resolution 1 μmol m-2s-1
Probe Length 84 cm
Unattended Logging Interval User selectable, between 1 and 60 min
Instrument Weight 0.56 kg
Data Retrieval Direct via RS-232/USB
Operating Environment 0-50°C | 0-100% RH
External PAR Sensor Cable Length 5m (longer lengths available upon request)
Power 4 x AAA batteries



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