spectral TF imaging systems

Channel Systems Spectral TF Imaging System (Mobile)Edaphic Scientific supplies spectral cameras from Channel Systems. The Spectral TF Imaging Systems are world leading imaging systems for spectral reflectance. Also known as hyperspectral imaging, the TF Imaging System is ideal for a range of applications from plant physiology studies to food inspections to pharmaceuticals to forensics.

features and benefits

  • Excellent image quality
  • Liquid crystal  tunable filter provides fast tuning with no moving parts
  • Sample illumination lamps
  • NIR-optimized objective lens
  • Turn-key system with everything included

The Spectral TF Imaging Systems are powerful multispectral, or hyperspectral, image acquisition and analysis tools for spectroscopic characterization of materials.

Channel Systems TF System Complete (Mobile)Based on liquid crystal tunable filter technology, they permit easy spectral imaging of subjects at the wavelengths you choose. Work with specific wavelengths or scan an entire range in seconds.

We offer three Spectral TF Imaging Systems VIS, SNIR and  LNIR. All three can be produced with a number of camera and lens options for customization to many spectral imaging applications.

The Spectral-IR systems provide simple, fast imaging. Combined with powerful acquisition and analysis software, these systems deliver superior spectral imaging.

Form factors are available for industrial, laboratory or portable applications.


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  • Pharmaceutical QA
  • Agricultural Research
  • Food Inspection
  • Art Analysys and Restoration
  • Police Forensics
  • and many more



  • Spectral TF – VIS: waveband range: 400 – 720nm
  • Spectral TF – SNIR: waveband range: 650 – 1100nm
  • Spectral TF – LNIR: waveband range: 850 -1800nm

Download Spectral TF Imaging Systems Spec Sheet


recommended accessory: VariSpec relay lens

Channel Systems Relay Lens_`The Relay Lens Assemblies were specifically developed for use with the VariSpec Liquid Crystal Tunable Filters (LCTF).

The typical implementation for mounting a VariSpec LCTF filter with an area scan camera is to attach the filter to the face of the objective lens. This presents several challenges including significant vignetting of the image and difficulties in adjusting the image focus. To address these issues, the relay lens moves the VariSpec LCTF filter between the objective lens and the camera sensor, minimizing the vignette effect and allowing for easy focus adjusment and switching of objective lenses. Two seperate relay lens assemblies offer VariSpec VIS, SNIR, LNIR and XNIR spectral range support.

Download Relay Lens Spec Sheet

Channel Systems Relay Lens


what is multispectral imaging?

Spectral imaging is a combination of imaging and spectroscopy, where a complete spectrum is collected at every location of an image plane. This powerful technique is sometimes called hyperspectral or multispectral imaging. Spectral imaging is not restricted to visible light, but works from ultraviolet to infrared. Wikipedia offers a very good overview of hyperspectral imaging: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperspectral_imaging

Spectroscopy captures the entire spectrum, light intensity as a function of wavelength. It’s this very detailed spectral response curve that gives spectral imaging the ability to discriminate specific chemicals and elements. The unique reflections and absorbances are the signature of the compound.



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