ultraviolet sensor & meter

Irradian UV201 UV SensorEdaphic Scientific range of ultraviolet (UV) sensors and meters are designed for industrial, biological, and underwater monitoring. Our instruments measure in specific wavebands across the UV and Visible spectrum. The sensors are also suitable for underwater measurements to a depth of 10m.


  • plant physiology
  • microbiology and incubators
  • industrial lighting
  • medical UV lights
  • waste water and UV sterilizing lamps
  • sun tanning beds


UV201 model

The UV201 radiometer is typically used on high intensity sources to give fast and accurate measurements of UV irradiance in industrial applications. A range of detectors covering bands in the ultra violet and blue regions of the spectrum are available for use with the UV201 radiometer.

Download Irradian UV201 Sensor Spec Sheet and Manual


underwater UV203/3 model

Irradian UV203 Underwater UV SensorThe underwater UV203/3 ultra-violet radiometer has a detector head housing up to three photodiode detector, filter glass and cosine diffuser packages,covering selected bands of the spectrum. The standard ranges offered are UVA, UVB and a flat, photometric-range response (RFF-Vis), but other responses are also available on request.

The microprocessor control within the display unit features auto or manual ranging, RS232 communication with a PC and special functions for integrating the signal or recording the maximum, minimum and average signals.

Each separate detector has an integral, multiple-gain-range transimpedance amplifier with signal digitising, providing high sensitivity and low noise measurements.

Further key designs features include;

– Fully submersible detector head up to 10 metres.

– Cosine response with individual diode/filter combinations.

– Aluminium body with resistant anodising.

– High stability silicon photodiodes.

Download Irradian UV203 Sensor Spec Sheet and Manual