soil research & monitoring

water content

Soil volumetric water content sensors, portable meters, profile probes & data loggers

water potential

Field or lab measurements with MPS-6, WP4-C and tensiometers

pore water samplers

Rhizon samplers to extract soil water for chemical and nutrient analyses


Measure soil saturated or unsaturated hydraulic conductivity

soil thermal properties

Measure soil thermal conductivity, diffusivity & specific heat

soil nutrients

Measure ammonia, nitrate, phosphorus and potassium of soils with this photometer

soil carbon

The EOSense GP Sensor for the continuous monitoring of in-situ soil CO2 concentration

soil CO2 flux

The EOSense FD Sensor for the measurement of soil CO2 flux. Data logging options available

soil pH

A portable soil pH meter for field and lab measurements

soil salinity

A portable soil EC meter for field and lab measurements

soil respirometer

The Oxymax-ER is ideal for measuring the O2 and CO2 exchange (respiration) of soil


A wick lysimeter vadose zone drainage