Decagon GS1 Sensor

soil volumetric water content


The GS1 is a low cost, ruggedized sensor for the measure of soil volumetric water content. The GS1 can accurately measure the moisture content in soil or soilless media.

The GS1 is ideal for scientific researchers, growers, nurseries, and glasshouses with pots or artificial substrates. The robust sensor design, plus flexible output to connect to most data loggers or systems, makes the GS1 ideal for monitoring water content.

The GS1 is sensitive across the entire water content range. It can be installed in dry desert soils or in very wet peat. Sensitive to small changes in water content anywhere from 0 – 100% VWC.

Install the GS1, plug it in to the Em50, set the measurement intervals, and start logging data. No programming required. The scientists and engineers at Edaphic Scientific can assist in connecting the GS1 to your existing system. The GS1 has a voltage output and is compatible with most data logging, PLC or SCADA systems.

Alternatively, the GS1 can be used as a portable sensor with the Procheck, handheld meter.


  • Inexpensive, ruggedized soil moisture sensor
  • Measure VWC in a harsh environment
  • Large volume of influence


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feature specification
Measurement Principle Capacitance
Measurement Range 0% VWC to saturation
Resolution 0.001 m3/m3 VWC in mineral soils
Accuracy ± 3% VWC with manufacturer's calibration | ± 1% VWC with custom calibration
Power Requirements 3.0 VDC to 15 VDC (absolute maximum) @ 15 mA
Output Analog voltage: 1,000 to 2,500 mV
Cable Length 5 m (standard) | 75 m (maximum)
Sensing Area 5.1 cm x 2.4 cm x 2.1 cm

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