soil moisture data logger

  • Soil Moisture Data LoggerSentek Solo Stand-Alone Data Logger
  • Easy to use, no programming, low maintenance
  • No solar panels or external batteries required – completely powered from AA batteries


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The Sentek Solo is a cost effective, continuous soil moisture and salinity monitoring solution. The Sentek Solo system consists of a battery powered, logging EnviroSCAN or Drill & Drop probe connected to a Solo Head Unit. Data is accessed in-field via the robust SoloPORTER™ or a notebook computer, and displayed in Sentek’s IrriMAX software. Probes utilise the same physical interface as Sentek Plus, allowing for simple upgrade to wireless, web compatible communications.

Sentek SOLO Head Unit

  • Field Soil Moisture SensorsOne Sentek Solo Head Unit required per probe
  • Sentek Solo Head Unit is connected to the probe via 3 metres of cable
  • Powered by 4 removable “off the shelf” AA batteries
  • Option of high capacity lithium battery pack compatible Head Unit
  • Robust download port for in-field downloading


download options

Data downloaded into Sentek’s IrriMAX software via:

  • Sentek SoloPORTER or;
  • Download cable to notebook computer


Sentek SoloPORTER
  • Sentek SoloPORTERDurable and light weight design
  • Download and battery power indicator lights
  • One device downloads data from many probes
  • Data storage on USB flash drive
  • Transfer data from USB flash drive direct to desktop computer


alternative data logging options

Edaphic Scientific has a range of telemetry data loggers and Campbell Scientific data loggers for downloading data remotely over the internet. Or we can assist in connecting soil moisture sensors to your preferred data logging platform. Contact us for more details.