Decagon SC-1 Porometer

Stomatal Conductance Measurements– stomatal conductance instrument

The SC-1’s breakthrough steady-state technology makes getting accurate stomatal conductance measurements affordable and practical for everyday research.

Plant water use is now more than easier to measure with the SC-1 Leaf Porometer. Stomatal conductance readings are recorded in about 30 seconds. The SC-1 allows scientists and growers to gain greater insight into plant water relations and water use strategies.

Measurements from the SC-1 Leaf Porometer can be used in various fields of science including to estimate transpiration, Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration, hydrology models, irrigation scheduling, and more.


no moving parts

The SC-1’s steady state design means that it has no moving parts. It leaves the environment alone, and instead determines stomatal conductance by measuring the actual vapor flux from the leaf through the stomates and out to the environment.


Transpiration Measurementslightweight, easy to carry

The porometer weighs about half a pound (300 g). You don’t have to haul it around the field with a neck strap; and if you get tired of carrying it, you can put it in your pocket.


save and download data

Readings can be displayed as either conductance or resistance and saved for downloading later (RS232 cable and download utility software included).


  • Plant water use and water balance.
  • Water stress measurements.
  • Uptake of herbicides, ozone and other pollutants.
  • Research on stomatal functions.


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feature specification
Accuracy 10% of measurement
Measurement Range 0 to 1000 mmol m-2s-1
Operating Environment 5 to 40°C, 0 to 100% RH, with desiccant chamber
Power Four "AA" batteries lasts approx. 3 years (battery drain in sleep mode < 50 μA) depending on use
Measurement Units mmol m-2s-1, m2/s mol-1, s/m
Data Storage 4095 measurements in flash memory
Computer Interface 9 pin serial RS232 interface
Aperture Diameter 6.35 mm
Sensor Head Cable Length 1.2 m
Dessicant Indicating DrieRite, 10-20 mesh
Measurement Time 30 s (in auto mode)