sap flow digest

June, 2017 Edition


How do heat pulse velocity methods estimate sap flow? What are their advantages and limitations? Are they accurate? This webinar series explains everything you need to know about heat pulse velocity.


Measuring sap flow in stems <10 mm in diameter is now easy and accurate by calibrating the SF-4/5 Micro Stem Sap Flow Sensors.


A largely neglected area of research, sap flow dynamics in flowers is now starting to receive greater attention. The SF-4 Micro Stem Sap Flow Sensor is ideal for measuring flower sap flow dynamics.


Replication and sample size are critical for robust scientific research projects. Edaphic Scientific’s multi-sensor sap flow system maximises sensors and minimises costs.


Compliment sap flow data with a range of digital dendrometers for tree trunks, branches and even fruits.