environmental monitoring systems

telemetry data loggersEdaphic Scientific is your one-stop shop for all of your environmental monitoring requirements. We can source equipment, calibrate sensors, program data loggers, install systems with remote download capabilities over the internet, and provide cloud-based data management software. We work with you to design, implement and maintain environmental monitoring systems.

Edaphic Scientific can provide cost-effective systems because we are the exclusive distributors for a range of world renown manufacturers of scientific sensors. As an exclusive distributor, we are also trained specifically on the use and maintenance of sensors that are critical to your environmental monitoring. Therefore, when you acquire a monitoring system from Edaphic Scientific, you know it will meet your requirements and conform to any environmental monitoring standards.

Edaphic Scientific specialises in monitoring systems for just about all environments from terrestrial to marine to urban, from aquaculture to agriculture to viticulture, and from mining to landfills to wastewater.


video – Edaphic Scientific field monitoring system in a mango orchard


our unique range of exclusive sensors

You can either browse this website to view our extensive range of environmental monitoring sensors or click on the quick links below to some examples.

Edaphic Scientific not only supplies the sensors you can find on this website, but we can source sensors and equipment from any supplier. All you need to do is inform us of the sensors you require and then we find the best equipment at the most cost effective price for you.


Dissolved Gas Sensorsatmospheric and dissolved gas sensors

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)  |  Oxygen (O2)  |  Methane (CH4)  |  Ammonia, Ammonium, Nitrate, Nitrite  |  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)  |  Hydrogen (H2)  |  pH Sensors  |  Total Dissolved Gas Pressure (TDGP)


water quality, level and velocity

Water Level and Depth Sensors  |  Dissolved Gas Sensors  |  Water Flow Meters  |  Deep Sea Sensors  |  pH Sensors  | EC / Salinity  |  Turbidity  |  Nitrogen  |  Dissolved Oxygen


Soil Moisture Probesoil moisture, sap flow, drainage, evapotranspiration and weather stations

Soil Moisture Sensors  |  Sap Flow Sensors  |  Pore Water Samplers  |  Weather Stations


plant growth, yield and carbon storage

Dendrometers  |  Sap Flow Sensors  |  Plant Water Potential  |  Leaf Temperature  |  Soil CO2 Concentration  |  Soil CO2 Flux




data logging and management solutions

Programming and installing data loggers, as well as ongoing data management, can be overwhelming. Edaphic Scientific specialises in providing data logging and ongoing data management solutions for your environmental monitoring projects.


ready-to-go data loggers

Data LoggerEdaphic Scientific can program data loggers, connect wiring, organise power supply, and generally have the entire data logging system ready-to-go for you.

We will work with you to decide the best configurations and logging intervals, as well as data output for subsequent analyses. It is our task to make the installation of data loggers as simple as possible.


cloud-based data management software

Cloud Data ManagementOne of the largest costs and expense for a field monitoring system is ongoing data collection and management of field staff. All of the data loggers that Edaphic Scientific support have telemetry download capabilities – that is, all data can be downloaded over the mobile phone or satellite network.

Our cloud-based data management solutions means you can sit in your office, or anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and download, view and manage your data. We can set-up easy to view interfaces where graphs and charts are updated with the latest data.

More information on data management software.


alarms and alerts

The telemetry systems and cloud-based data management software that is supplied by Edaphic Scientific has the ability to issue SMS and email alarms and alerts. Warning levels can be user-assigned and implemented at any stage. Multiple alarm options are available.


Edaphic Dashboard



aquaculture monitoringOur expertise covers environmental monitoring across a number of applications and industries.

We can install systems in terrestrial, marine or urban environments.

We can work with consultants, industry, government, researchers and growers. Below are some examples of how our equipment can be installed for environmental monitoring.


example applications include:

Aquaculture  |  Agriculture  |  Horticulture  |  Viticulture

Mining  |  Landfills  | Phytocaps

Groundwater  |  Waterways  |  Wastewater  |  Oceans

Green Roofs  |  Urban Storm Water  |  Green Buildings, HVAC and IAQ