Global warming allows prey to better avoid predators

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Increasing atmospheric and oceanic carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, as well as changing temperatures, is altering the physiology and behaviour of species in many different ways. For one lucky aphid, at least, climate change and global warming is allowing it to better avoid its predator, a wasp parasitoid. Via measurements of resting metabolic rate (RMR) with the […]


What is hydrogen enriched water?

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As water is H2O it may seem counter intuitive to speak of hydrogen (H2) enriched water. There is a movement, particularly in Japan, to drink more hydrogen enriched water for health benefits. But what is hydrogen enriched water and is it actually good for you? Hydrogen enriched water simply has an extra amount of H2 […]

Mass Extinction and Hydrogen Sulfide

The 7 deadly sins of hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

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You may not know much about hydrogen sulfide (H2S) but you are certainly familiar with its existence. It is the chemical compound that gives the foul odour of rotten eggs. Although the smell may not necessarily kill you, H2S can certainly cause human death. In fact, H2S has big four elements that you do not […]

7 weird ways CO2 is changing animals

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Increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, not only change our climate systems but are also changing the ways animals live and behave. Here are 7 weird ways CO2 is changing the lives of some of the animals we love.   1. koalas and the leaves they eat Koalas have a very […]