Eucalypt extinction

An idea to save plants from extinction

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In the last 200 years about 110 species of plants have gone extinct in Australia alone. 209 species are listed as critically endangered and could soon disappear. Unlike critically endangered animals, which are notorious to breed or behave in captivity as we want them to, we can take action right now and save most, if […]

Mass Extinction and Hydrogen Sulfide

The 7 deadly sins of hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

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You may not know much about hydrogen sulfide (H2S) but you are certainly familiar with its existence. It is the chemical compound that gives the foul odour of rotten eggs. Although the smell may not necessarily kill you, H2S can certainly cause human death. In fact, H2S has big four elements that you do not […]

Why it matters when a tiny species goes extinct

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– a look at the ramifications of species extinction for biogeochemistry and ecosystem functioning. Around Sydney there is a tiny species that every developer hates: the Cumberland Plain Land Snail. This species has stopped, delayed or significantly changed many developments across the Sydney basin, and is even said to be the snail that rules Sydney. Recently we […]