field microsensor multimeter

Unisense Field MultimeterThe new Field Microsensor Multimeter is the solution for your outdoor and laboratory microsensor research! It comes with all the benefits know from our Microsensor Multimeter with easy sensor connection and sensor polarization, but now as a water resistant meter ready for outdoor use. Further benefits include built-in datalogger, motor control, internal rechargeable battery and robust design.

  • Outdoor and water resistant system
  • 8 channel amplifier with plug’N’play connector
  • 5x pA, 2x mV and 1x Temperature
  • 5 m sensor cables
  • Build-in datalogger
  • Export of data into SensorTrace Suite for data analysis
  • Robust motor for automatic shallow water/wetland profiling

Take all the benefits from your lab system with you into the field!



The Unisense Field Microsensor Multimeter supports a range of our microsensors. Find more information on each microsensor by clicking on the links below:





Standard configuration include 8 channel with 5 channels for amperiometric sensors, 2 channels for potentiometric sensors and 1 channel for temperature, giving you the option to measure multiple analytes and benefit from our wide selection of sensors. And even to do replicate measurements.

The intuitive programming PC programming software makes it easy to create measuring programs and routines to download on the Field Microsensor Multimeter. The build-in user interface ensures easy on-site sensor calibration and selection of program from the library.



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