sap flow methods webinar


Join our free, one-hour webinar to improve your knowledge of sap flow measurements and data analysis techniques.


topics that will be covered:
  • The difference between heat pulse velocity, thermal dissipation (Granier method) and heat balance methods of sap flow measurement;
  • The advantages, limitations, accuracy and measurement range of heat pulse velocity methods;
  • Understanding, and correcting for, sources of error including wounding, probe misalignment, thermal diffusivity/conductivity, and wood moisture content;
  • How to convert raw heat velocity to sap velocity to total tree water use; and
  • Novel statistical analytical techniques to improve your sap flow research, presentation and publication record. Techniques include a new method to correlate sap flow with VPD, how sap flow indicates a species optimal temperature range, and using sap flow data to improve growth rates and species tolerance to environmental extremes.


who should attend

The workshop is ideal for researchers, students, growers and consultants who have an interest in one, or more, of the following:

  • Plant water relations;
  • Plant physiology;
  • Hydrology, groundwater or water catchment management;
  • Species response to extreme weather and global environmental change;
  • Irrigation and crop management;
  • Vegetation management in forestry and mining; and
  • Urban tree water use and management.


measurement equipment that will be covered include:


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The webinar will be presented by Dr Michael Forster. Dr Forster is a Director at Edaphic Scientific Pty Ltd and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. Dr Forster has over 10 years experience with sap flow sensors and instrumentation including several publications in international peer-review journals such as Tree Physiology. View Dr Forster’s ResearchGate profile.



Cost of webinar: It is FREE!


Time: 11am to 12pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra time zone)


When: Tuesday, 7th March, 2017


Where: Online; anywhere you have an internet connection


places are limited so reserve your place now:

Email: info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)