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Measure O2, pH, Redox, H2S, N2O, NO, NOx, H2 Temperature at the micro scale


Marine science, oceanography, biogeochemistry, wastewater, greenhouse gases, water quality

dissolved gases

Measure & monitor CO2, CH4, O2, pH, Redox, EC, N2O, NO, NOx, H2S & more


Soil water content, potential, nutrients, samplers, infiltration, drainage & more


Sap flow, dendrometers, temperature, respiration, leaf area index, chlorophyll & more


Data loggging, telemetry, LoRaWAN, online data software & more

about us

Edaphic Scientific provides environmental research and monitoring equipment for scientists, researchers, engineers, consultants and students across universities, government agencies and industry. Our expertise lies in the environmental sciences such as animal and plant physiology, soil science, hydrology, biogeochemistry, marine science and oceanography, microbiology and biomedical science. We specialise in providing microsensors, detectors and meters for the measurement of light, gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen, soil moisture, plant water use, and water quality. We also specialise in providing environmental monitoring systems with telemetry data loggers for a range of applications including scientific research, mining, horticulture, agriculture, landfills, aquaculture, deep sea oil and gas monitoring, waste water quality and groundwater. Edaphic Scientific can design monitoring systems, recommend, source and install sensors and data loggers, and undertake data analysis for your project.