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Grape Crop Water Use

Sap flow, evapotranspiration and irrigation management

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Irrigating scheduling and amount can be accurately determined by combining sap flow (crop water use) sensors and evapotranspiration (ETo) data. This article outlines how growers, researchers or physiologists can use the Implexx Sap Flow Sensor, alongside the ATMOS 41 weather station, or the Implexx Evapotranspiration (ETo) station. Although this article has a focus on grapevines, […]

Edaphic Scientific is now supporting Sea and Sun Technology!

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Edaphic Scientific is now the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for  Sea & Sun Technology. We are excited by the opportunity to support Sea & Sun Technology in our part of the world! Sea & Sun Technology is a world-leading, German manufacturer of water-based sensors for marine science, oceanography, limnology, hydrology, hydrography, groundwater, […]

Reducing urban water pollution with water level sensors

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Urban storm water drain pollution can increase during dry weather and become an environmental problem. Water level in drains increases because of transient sources such as over-irrigation of gardens, car washing, cleaning of footpaths, as well as constantly-flowing sources such as groundwater infiltration and broken underground pipes. This is known as dry-weather flow, or non-stormwater […]

Aquaponics supported by internet enabled water quality sensors

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EcoSystem Farms is utilising modern techniques in aquaponics to create a natural farming system that is -cide free – that is no herbicides or pesticides! Based on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, EcoSystem Farms deploys ecological principles to create a natural loop between fish and plants where the fish provide the nutrients and the plants […]

A new water level sensor for hydrology and irrigation

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Implexx Sense has released a new range of low cost, IoT-enabled, water level, depth or pressure sensors. The Implexx Water Level Sensor is ideal for hydrologists and irrigation managers. The water level sensors can be installed in tanks, boreholes, streams, lakes, rivers, estuaries and marine environments, to a depth of 200 metres. The Implexx Water […]

Biosphere 2 and sap flow sensors: how do tropical trees behave under drought?

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  monitoring water uptake and transport of a model rainforest ecosystem Author: Kathrin Kühnhammer PhD Student at TU Braunschweig, Environmental Geochemistry, Germany   Together with a large group of scientists from all over the world, the junior research group “Isodrones” (www.isodrones.de) took part in the highly interdisciplinary research project B2 WALD (Water, Atmosphere and Life […]

CO2 sensors in a greenhouse laboratory

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Edaphic Scientific supplies a large range of carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors that are suitable for greenhouses and glasshouses. In this article, our supplier of CO2 detectors, CO2Meter, interviewed researchers from NC State University on how they deploy CO2 sensors in their greenhouses. This article originally appeared on the CO2Meter.com website.   One intriguing CO2Meter collaboration […]

Bushfires and assessing the risk of erosion

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After a long season of bushfires in Australia, many of which are still burning, it is important to look forward to recovery and regeneration. There is much to do, measure and assess. Among these is the risk of soil erosion particularly where heavy rainfall, or high winds, impact bare ground. This article was first published […]

Sap flow data show grapevines can tolerate extreme heatwave events

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Monitoring sap flow on grapevines during extreme heatwave events has demonstrated that vines can tolerate extreme conditions when soil moisture levels were high. These results were found via the grapevine and heatwave monitoring project in the Riverina region of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Heatwaves are “three or more days of high maximum and minimum […]

A new introductory video on sap flow

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What is sap flow? Is it water or sugars in the plant? What is the difference between sap flow and transpiration? Why measure sap flow? If you are new to the world of sap flow science, then the team at Implexx and Edaphic Scientific have released a new video for you. Sap Flow: An Introduction […]

Canola GMO Australia

South Australia to introduce GMO crops

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The South Australian government is planning on ending the ban on genetically modified (GMO) crops. South Australia is one of the last jurisdictions in Australia to have a ban on GMO crops such as canola. But, legislation to be introduced in December 2019 by Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone will lift […]

New tensiometer-style sensor for avocado growers

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A new, tensiometer-style sensor is improving irrigation management and saving time and costs for avocado growers. Irrigation monitoring and scheduling often relies on tensiometers – sensors that can measure soil water potential. Tensiometers are a favourite among avocado growers but they come with a huge problem: they are extremely tedious and odious to maintain. A […]

Leaf Temperature Sensor

Leaf temperature sensors and water wise research

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Plant physiologists and irrigation scientists need accurate and reliable leaf and canopy temperature sensors for scientific research. Recently, the LT-1T Leaf Temperature Sensor from Edaphic Scientific was deployed by researchers at the CSIRO for a project on irrigation management of tomato crops. The LT-1T is a small, temperature sensor that firmly clips onto a leaf. […]


Why this sensor has made the tensiometer and gypsum block obsolete

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New and improved technology is now available for growers that is enabling more efficient and lower cost irrigation. The technology is a significant improvement on older, tensiometer and gypsum block style sensors by requiring zero maintenance, having a higher accuracy and being more robust. The technology is called the MPS-6 Soil Water Potential Sensor and […]

PRI Sensor

new NDVI & PRI sensors

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Edaphic Scientific is now supporting the new range of Spectral Reflectance Sensors to measure NDVI and PRI. NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) and PRI (Photochemical Reflectance Index) are important plant canopy parameters that provide information on canopy water, nutrient and light stress. The new SRS sensors are a significant improvement on old technology as they […]

Edaphic Scientific is now supporting EnviroLogix in Australia

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Starting in 2019, Edaphic Scientific will be the exclusive distributor for the EnviroLogix range of diagnostic testing kits for genetically modified organisms (GMO) and mycotoxins. Founded in 1996, EnviroLogix is now the world leading technology company in the detection of GMO and mycotoxins in plant materials and even for water quality. EnviroLogix is located in […]

Grapevines, sap flow and heatwaves

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Heatwaves can have a significant impact on grapevines, scorching leaves and decreasing growth and yield. Grape growers deploy various strategies to protect their vines during extreme heat events which can include spraying canopies with “sunscreen”. Although these strategies have merit, they often involve investment in additional infrastructure or are laborious to employ. Another strategy involves […]

Sap Flow Meter

Detection of tree disease with sap flow sensors

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Sap flow sensors can be used to study the hydraulic function of healthy versus diseased trees. Sap flow sensors can detect a decrease in hydraulic function associated with disease prior to the onset of outward, physical symptoms. Sap flow sensors, therefore, provide a tool for researchers to better understand the physiology of disease in trees. […]