CO2 sensors & meters

portable meters

Handheld meters with data logging and alarm options

alarms & safety

Workplace and personal safety devices with CO2 alarms


Detect and control CO2 for IAQ and HVAC


Specialised CO2 meters for biological incubators

data loggers

Data loggers and wireless systems for CO2


CO2 controllers for grow rooms and greenhouses

soil carbon

Soil CO2 concentration and flux for research & monitoring

dissolved CO2

Dissolved CO2 sensors for research & aquaculture

about carbon dioxide

Edaphic Scientific provides solutions for the monitoring of carbon dioxide for workplace and personal safety, biological incubators, scientific research, dissolved CO2 for aquaculture, and CO2 controllers for growers and glasshouses. Our sensors, meters and controllers are pre-calibrated and ready to be used upon delivery. They can be used as a stand-alone monitoring or control device, or the scientists at Edaphic Scientific can design, install and implement atmospheric or dissolved CO2 systems. The CO2 sensors can be combined with additional sensors, such as oxygen, weather sensors, plant and soil water use, and more. Data can be downloaded and monitored remotely through the internet or the sensors can connect to your existing system.


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