CO2 data loggers

GasLab Plus

Measure CO2, CO, O2, NH3, PM2.5, PM10, temp & RH

GasLab Pro

GasLab Pro measures CO2, CO, CH4, O2 in a single device

CO2, O2 & CH4

Data logger and built-in pump to measure CO2, O2 & CH4


Field monitoring with internet access

about CO2 data loggers

Edaphic Scientific supplies a comprehensive range of data logging and continuous monitoring options for the measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2). Our solutions include meters with built-in data loggers with alarms, meters with simultaneous measurements of relative humidity and temperature, and other meters with built-in pumps and data loggers for continuous monitoring of CO2 in inaccessible areas such as biological incubators. Edaphic Scientific can also design, build and supply complete field monitoring systems for the measurement of atmospheric, dissolved or soil CO2 concentration and flux. CO2 measurements can be made in combination with any range of parameters include other gases, such as oxygen and methane, meteorological parameters, soil and plant water, and many more. Contact the scientists at Edaphic Scientific for more details or further assistance.