CO2 & workplace safety

portable CO2 meter

Low cost, portable, CO2 meter with audible alarms

CO2 or O2 workplace alarm

Ideal where CO2 or N2 gas cylinders are in enclosed areas

CO2 for indoor air quality

Monitor CO2 indoors. Ideal for drink vending machines

CO2 + RH + Temp monitor

Monitor CO2, RH and temperature with alarms

about CO2 in the workplace

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important workplace safety hazard that can lead to serious health issues and even death. States governments require workplaces that have sources of CO2, such as gas cylinders, to install monitors with alarms for workplace safety. The installation of CO2 monitors falls under the Australian standard AS5034-2005. The wall mounted CO2 meter supplied by Edaphic Scientific, the ESRAD-102 or ESRAD-200, specifically meet the requirements of AS5034-2005. In other workplaces, the portable CO2 meter is more appropriate, particularly if staff are entering confined spaces. The portable CO2 meter can simply slip into a pocket or clip onto a belt and it has visual and audible alarms. Edaphic Scientific can also provide data logging and continuous monitoring options with SMS and email alarms.


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