Pro-Oceanus CO2-Pro Series

measure dissolved or atmospheric CO2


The CO2-Pro™ is a lightweight, compact, and versatile sensor for measuring the partial pressure of CO2 in water. It is designed for in-situ pCO2 measurement on shipboard in underway-mode, in the laboratory and on moorings, profilers and gliders.

The CO2-Pro™ is a versatile pCO2 instrument featuring the Pro-Oceanus patented pump-driven tubular gas transfer interface.This revolutionary interface provides rapid equilibration of surrounding water with a NDIR detector.

Long-term stability is achieved with the CO2-Pro™ sensor through an automatic zero compensation circuit that removes all CO2 from the detector prior to a zero reference measurement. The CO2-Pro™ dissolved CO2 instrument comes with plug-n-play ease of operation, and a range of data handling options including storage onboard, and continuous or pollable output.


CO2-Pro-CV model

The CO2-Pro CV™ is a compact, lightweight, plug-n-play pCO2 sensor that is designed for use on moorings, on profilers, on ships in under-way mode, and in laboratories.

The CO2-Pro CV™ features the exceptional reliability, accuracy and stability of our famous CO2-Pro™, but open in a package that occupies less than half the volume.

The CO2-Pro CV™ instrument operates through rapid diffusion of gas from seawater through a new advanced matrix membrane to a non-dispersive infrared detector where pCO2 is measured.


CO2-Pro-FT flow through model

The CO2-Pro FT instrument measures the partial pressure of CO2 gas dissolved in water using infrared detection. Standard ranges from 0-600 ppm up to 0-10,000 ppm provide the full spectrum of pCO2 needed for accurate measurement of water CO2 levels.

Labelled FT for Flow-Through version of our flagship CO2-Pro instrument, the Pro-FT can be used wherever a supply of flowing sample water is available, including shipboard flow-through systems as well as laboratory testing.

The small size of the CO2-Pro FT makes it versatile and easy to integrate into larger systems where space is a concern. When combined with our anti-fouling features and options, the instrument can perform in even the most biologically active waters for extended periods of time. An internal zeroing feature provides a stable long-term baseline to ensure accurate measurements. A flow-through adaptor is also available for simple integration into many systems.

The CO2-Pro FT is factory calibrated using WMO traceable standard gases. In addition, detector temperature stabilization and measurement of gas steam pressure and humidity provide an accurate and stable measurement of pCO2 in water.


CO2-Pro-Atmosphere model

The CO2-Pro™ Atmosphere, built on the same platform as our classic CO2-Pro™, alternates between measuring pCO2 in surface water and in overlying air.

For use on surface buoys or on ships for underway measurements, the CO2-Pro Atmosphere” makes both air and water measurements using the same detector, which ensures accurate real-time data for determining air-sea CO2 fluxes.

The CO2-Pro™ Atmosphere consists of 1) a NEMA box for air intake that contains separators and filters to block bulk water and aerosols; and 2) a modified version of our CO2-Pro™ instrument alternating between measuring pCO2 in the water and air. The air intake box is mounted in clean air, e.g., the top of a buoy or on a ship’s forward mast (for underway measurements).

The modified CO2-Pro™ sensor is mounted beneath a buoy, or when used in underway mode, occupies a very small space on shipboard and requires only a source of power and surface seawater. The air intake box supplies the CO2-Pro™ sensor with sample air through low permeability, UV-resistant tubing.

The CO2-Pro™ Atmosphere has the same capabilities and measurement accuracy and precision as the CO2-Pro™ sensor and allows users to determine CO2 fluxes in and out of the oceans.


feature specification
Measurement Ranges 0-600 µatm | 0-1000 µatm | 0-2000 µatm | other custom ranges are available
Accuracy 2 µatm
Response Time (T63) 2.5 minutes with pump
Operating Temperature Arctic version: -2 to 15ºC | Standard: 0 to 30ºC | Tropical version: 15 to 40ºC
Depth Tolerance 110m
physical dimensions
Length 33 cm (add 10 cm for connectors)
Diameter 19 cm
Weight 5.5 kg in air | 0.4 kg in water
Housing Delrin®
electrical characteristics
Input Voltage 12-18 V DC
Power Consumption 0.4 A (includes water pump) | 1.2 A during warmup
Data Output RS-232 serial output | ASCII format (other outputs available)
Data Storage 2 GB (with data logging option)
Sample Rate 1.6 seconds | user selectable

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