SenseAir micro alarm meter

  • Portable Carbon Dioxide MeterMeasures up to 3% CO2
  • 2kHz alarm
  • With internal data logger

This hand-held CO2 alarm is an extremely small, light weight, battery operated precision instrument designed to warn the user when carbon dioxide concentrations reach dangerous levels.

The LED display shows the carbon dioxide concentration and time-weighted average (TWA) in real time while a series of LEDs instantly shows the user when CO2 levels are dangerous. In addition, a 2kHz alarm will sound until the user presses a button.

A built-in data logger also makes it the perfect choice for monitoring CO2 in a number of different applications and environments. And the sensor’s gold-plated infra-red waveguide and diffusion membrane filter provides reliability, accuracy and long-term stability.

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Portable CO2 Detectorspecifications
  • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology measures CO2 in parts-per-million (ppm)
  • Built in data-logger with custom configuration software for alarm levels, etc.
  • LCD displays the carbon dioxide and time weighted average (TWA)
  • Easy to read CO2 level on a green-yellow-red 5 step LED bar graph
  • Self-calibrating via automatic background calibration (ABC) function
  • Automatic self-diagnostic function
  • Pocket-sized, light weight
  • Easy to use – just one button


measurement range
  • CO2Meter senseair_alarmCO2: 0–30,000ppm (3% CO2)


  • 3.6VDC Internal Li-Ion with approx. 12 hours capacity
  • 120VAC adapter/charger
  • Communication cable (RS232)
  • Software
  • Belt holster, safety lanyard


  • Size: 125×52×32 mm HxWxD
  • Weight: 135g


  • 1 year

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