low-cost weather station

reliable, research grade weather station


  • Low cost, high accuracy weather stations
  • Ideal for research, growers and environmental monitoring
  • Easy to install with low maintenance
  • Battery powered for increased reliability
  • Download data wirelessly over the internet

The Low Cost Weather Station is ideal for researchers, growers and environmental monitoring because it is low cost, extremely reliable, easy to install and maintain.

The Weather Station is flexible in that multiple combination of sensors can be combined into a single system. It can be a traditional weather station measuring rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and direction. Or a combination of unique parameters can be added including vapour pressure deficit (VPD), soil moisture, leaf wetness and more.

wireless data collection

In combination with the ZL6 data logger, the Weather Station can send data via wireless to your mobile phone, tablet or office computer. Data can be viewed at any time and at any location with an internet connection. Simply log into the Webviewer browser to view and download the latest data from the weather station.

The Weather Station can also be connected to a traditional data logger. In this scenario, data can be downloaded in the field via a USB connection to a laptop computer. Data is downloaded as an Excel file for quick and convenient access.

power supply

The Weather Station can be powered from 6 x AA batteries because it has a low energy demand. The AA batteries can last between 6 and 12 months (depending on logging frequency) and can be easily purchased from your local supermarket.

The ZL6 data logger has a small solar panel built-in to the data logger enclosure. The ZL6 data logger batteries can be powered, without change, for potentially 2 to 3 years.

As the Weather Station is powered from AA batteries, there is no requirement for large and expensive power systems including large solar panels and marine grade batteries. The Weather Station is a low cost option for its power supply.

easy installation

The Weather Station is designed to be easily installed because it only requires a single post or picket. The sensors and data logger can be suspended onto a single post. Extensive cables and concrete platforms are not necessary to install the Weather Station. A typical Weather Station can be installed within approximately 15 minutes.

compatible data loggers

compatible sensors