Pro-Oceanus Mini-CH4

measure dissolved methane


  • Low cost, easy-to-use, CH4 sensor
  • Ideal for oceans, freshwater, wastewater, and groundwater applications

The Pro-Oceanus Mini CH4™ is a compact, low-cost, lightweight, plug-n-play methane sensor designed to provide CH4 measurements for applications involving immersion in water, oil, or water and oil mixtures.

The Mini CH4™ sensor is designed for monitoring underwater pipelines and storage facilities, and is small enough for mounting on ROV’s for underwater inspections. The Mini CH4™ probe comes in a rugged package that is ideal for studies of methane gas seeps, melting hydrates, and oil spill dispersion.

The sensor combines an oil-resistant gas transfer interface (patent pending) with an infrared detector that is linear in response to methane, but also sensitive to other alkanes.

  • Flow-through chamber module optional
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Low cost
  • Low power
  • Unique antifouling protection


feature specification
Measurement Ranges 0-1 % (~0-300 μg/L) | 0-10 % (~0-3 mg/L) | 0-100 % (~0-30 mg/L)
Resolution 0.01 % | 0.1% for 0-100% measurement range
Total Dissolved Gas Pressure (TDGP) Range 0 to 3 Bar
Accuracy pCH4: 2% of full scale | TDGP: 1 % of full scale
Response Time (T63) 6 minutes
Operating Temperature -2 to 50 ˚C
Depth Tolerance 300 m (Delrin®model) | 4000 m (titanium model)
physical dimensions
Length 28 cm (+ 9 cm for battery pack)
Diameter 5 cm
Weight 1 kg in air | 0.25 kg in water
Housing Delrin® (waterproof to 300 meters) | Titanium (waterproof to 4000 meters)
electrical characteristics
Input Voltage 6-12 V DC
Power Consumption 100 mA | 120 mA during warmup
Data Output RS-232 | Analog 0-5 V | 4-20 mA
Data Storage 2 GB (with data logging option)
Sample Rate 1 second | user selectable

manual & docs

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