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Measure in micro volumes

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Micro pH Electrode

The range of microsensors supplied by Edaphic Scientific can be extremely small – down to only 3 µm in diameter!

The microsensors are highly suitable to measure small and micro volumes, droplets, or thin surface layers such as biofilms or biological tissues.

The microsensors are also suitable for measuring inside standard lab equipment such as Eppendorfs.

Systems for the respiration rates of micro-organisms, or even embryos, are also available.

Parameters that can be measured include oxygen, pH, redox, temperature, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous oxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen, hydrogen peroxide and ozone. A full list of microsensors can be found here.

The picture above shows how pH is measured in a droplet (4 µl) of dissolved drug. The electrode to the left is a Unisense micro reference electrode, REF-10 and the electrode to the right is a Unisense pH sensor, pH-10. Both sensors are held by micromanipulators (MM33) mounted on laboratory stands (LS18) to stabilize the set-up. The signal from the sensor is read on the millivoltmeter. More information on the micro-profiling systems can be found here.


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