dissolved meter aquacultureaquaculture
  • Dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide meters for aquaculture


horticulture & viticulture
  • Soil moisture content, soil and plant water potential, transpiration and sap flow, dendrometers, soil and crop nutrient analysis, pore water samplers, evapotranspiration and weather stations


marine science and oceanography
  • We have a range of solutions for marine scientists and oceanographers including dissolved gas sensors, profiling equipment, underwater Eddy covariance systems, and absorbance spectrometers for chemical and toxin analysis of liquid samples


landfill methane meterlandfills
  • Our portable gas meters measure methane and our in-situ monitoring equipment can measure environmental parameters over many years


soil columns research
  • We have a specialised range of soil volumetric water content, EC and tensiometer probes and pore water samplers that are specifically designed for soil columns research


oil and gas underwater exploration and monitoring
  • Our dissolved methane sensors are ideal for AUV’s, CTD’s and sniffers for underwater oil and gas exploration and monitoring


water flow meterwastewater, sewage and groundwater
  • We have a range of portable dissolved gas meters, water level sensors, water flow meters, and data loggers that are ideal for measuring water quality


animal and plant physiology
  • Measure respiration, photosynthesis, carbon storage, and more in animals and plants of all sizes from bacteria to corals to seagrass to horses