LoRaWAN, controllers & modems with data to the web


Sensors, portable meters, and lab benchtop meters for DO


Dissolved carbon dioxide sensors for aquaculture


Sensors, portable meters, and lab benchtop meters for pH


Hydrogen sulfide portable meters, with pH corrections


Sensors, & portable meters for EC monitoring

water level

Conductivity, temperature & depth (CTD) sensors

water flow

Handheld, portable water flow and velocity meters

about aquaculture systems & sensors....

Edaphic Scientific's range of dissolved gas sensors for aquaculture are low cost, easy to use, and require little ongoing maintenance. All our sensors are delivered to you pre-calibrated and ready to measure. The maintenance of our sensors is very low as they often require only yearly re-calibration. This gives you more time to do better research or more productive activities in your business. We also supply whole system monitoring solutions including standard data logging, LoRaWAN, modems, and viewing data over the internet on PC's and smartphones. We can also supply control units to control levels of oxygen, CO2, pH and more in your aquaculture system.