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Dendrometers, sap flow, water potential, canopy temperature


Water content, tensiometers, nutrients, EC, infiltration


Weather stations, wind speed & direction, rainfall, and more

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Edaphic Scientific specialises in solutions for growers that improves yields and lowers costs. Dendrometers can measure plant and fruit dynamics to plan for irrigation and fertilisation. Canopy temperature sensors are easy to install and maintain to provide critical information on irrigation. We have an extensive range of soil moisture and water potential sensors, as well as pore water samplers and colorimeters for soil nutrient (N-P-K) or EC monitoring. We also provide complete solutions for weather monitoring, including low-cost, compact weather stations to stand-alone wind speed and direction sensors for spraying. Our sensors are low cost, low powered and digital which is ideal for wireless networks, such as LoRaWAN, and downloading data over the internet.


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grape monitor

A project with the NSW DPI with dendrometers & sap flow


A multi-purpose sensor for health, irrigation & nutrients


Irrigation management is critical during heatwaves

soil moisture

Soil water content measurements & methods