• Pore Water Sampler Soil ColumnSpecialised research equipment specifically designed for soil columns
  • Simultaneous measurements of soil moisture and EC (salinity) with our high accuracy, low cost TDR probes
  • Specialised tensiometers for soil water potential measurements
  • A large range of pore water samplers and nutrient analyzers
  • Complete range of data logging solutions


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soil moisture, EC and tensiometers for soil columns

Soil Column SensorsEngineers and scientist can now measure soil water content, EC and potential simultaneously with our specialised range of soil column sensors. Saturated and unsaturated behaviour, soil moisture or water characteristic curves, salinity and nutrient dynamics, are now more easily measured with these specialised sensors.

The E-Test range of TDR volumetric water content sensors and tensiometers have been specifically designed for use by engineers and scientists in soil column research.

The LP/ms TDR probes are 53mm in length, 0.8mm in diameter and separated by 5mm. The probes can also measure electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil to 1 S/m. The East 30 Mini-TDR probe can also measure soil VWC and EC to 6 dS/m.

The E-Test mini-tensiometers are ideal for measuring soil water potential in soil columns. The LP/p is a small tensiometer, 3mm diameter and 15mm in length. The LP/p is easy to maintain and install inside of soil columns for continuous, capillary pressure measurements.