soil & compost oxygen meter

  • Compost Oxygen MeterMeasure oxygen concentration at various depths in soil or compost
  • For compost, simply push the gas sampling probe to the required depth; for soil, either hammer or auger to the required depth
  • Air is then pumped from depth into a handheld, portable oxygen meter for quick and accurate measurements
  • The gas sampler can be portable, or it can remain in the soil or compost for repeated measurements

The ES-COMPOST Meter is a portable, easy-to-use meter for the measurement of oxygen, or carbon dioxide (CO2), in compost.

The ES-COMPOST Meter can also measure oxygen, or CO2, concentration in other media such as soils.

The kit consists of a gas vapour probe that is pushed to the required depth of measurement. The ES-COMPOST Meter then pumps air from the gas vapour probe into the meter for oxygen measurements.


Portable Compost Meterthe ES-COMPOST kit

The ES-COMPOST Kit contains everything you require to measure oxygen, or CO2, concentration in soils or compost. The kit comes with a stainless steel, heavy duty gas vapour probe, sampling tubing, pump, data logger, sensors, and AA batteries.

The O2 meter is supplied with all necessary accessories including tubing, moisture traps, and particulate filters. The O2 meter is also configured with a 10,000 hour powerful pump for the best sampling performance.


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feature specification
Gas Vapour Probe
Length 1500 mm (including handle)
Outer Diameter 20 mm
Inner Diameter for Tubing 7 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Oxygen Meter
Model; Sensor Type ESCM-505; fluorescence quenching / UV light
Range 0 to 25 %
Accuracy ±2% of full scale or better
Resolution 0.01%
Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity 0 to 99 % non-condensing
Calibration Pre-calibrated with certificate; Yearly
Data Logger Capacity 15,000 measurements
Data Logging Interval min 2 secs, max 18 hours
Sensor Life Expectance > 5 years
Dimensions 146×91×33 mm; < 1 kg
Tubing Dimensions 1/8″ diameter; 3000 mm length
LED Display Yes, O2 in % format
Power 4 x AA batteries (not included); 240 mains power (included)
Pump 10,000 hour pump
Included Accessories USB Mini Cable; 1/8″ tubing 10 feet long; International wall mount power supply; Moisture trap; Particulate and hydrophobic filters; Assorted tubing fittings; High-Impact Carrying Case
Warranty 12 months


Oxygen Compost Meterbrochure

Oxygen in Soil and Compost Meter