Inhalation Anaesthesia VaporizerThe RWD range of vaporizers are the best choice for scientific researchers and veterinary professionals for accurate delivery in inhalation anaesthesia systems.

The R580 series vaporizers use medical design principles to ensure stable and accurate anaesthesia delivery and is virtually unaffected by flow rate, temperature variations, duration of use, liquid level or back pressure fluctuation within its allowed range.

Other features include:

  • Automatic flow rate and temperature compensation.
  • Flow rate 0.2-10,000cc/min and temperature 10-35℃ are allowed.
  • The RWD inhalation anaesthesia vaporizers have an easy fill feature for refilling of isoflurane or sevoflurane.

    Safe and reliable tanks with ability of internal 50kPa pressure resistant.

  • Output precise and adjustable concentration, and at least 120ml liquid capacity.
  • Integrated safety lock to prevent unintentional engagement.
  • Large sight glass for at-a-glance liquid level monitoring.
  • Use with Isoflurane 0-5% output or sevoflurange 0-8% output, and both pour-fill and easy-fill style are available for each vaporizer.