digital stereotaxis

Digital Stereotaxis InstrumentThe RWD Digital Stereotaxis Instrument combines all features of the RWD Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, with the addition of a displacement transducer and compact LCD display, allowing real-time coordination presentation of all three axes within 10 μm resolution.

The zeroing function simplifies the targeting process. To fulfill the requirements of electrophysiology experiments, this instrument utilizes battery instead of AC power, which dramatically reduces electronic noise and reduces equipment footprint.

The Standard Stereotaxic instrument can be upgraded to the Desktop Digital Module.

The Standard Stereotaxic Instrument contains the basic module (3 axis manipulator included), adaptor, ear bars and holder. Except our Cat. NO.68001 and 68002, other version of Stereotaxic Instrument should purchase in components separately.


stereotaxis models

stereotaxis instrument

Standard Stereotaxis Instrument, 68001

standard stereotaxis instrument
  • Part number: 68001 (single)  |  68002 (double)
  • Adaptors available for rat, mouse, bird, cat, dog, monkey, rabbit, gecko, guinea pig, etc.
  • Working distance in each dimension is 80 mm with precise alignment to 0.1mm resolution.
  • Vertical direction: 180° rotation and lock at any angles.
  • Horizontal direction: 360° rotation and lock at any angles.
  • Dual-lead screws ensure stable, accurate and smooth manipulation.
  • Accuracy and flexibility can be maintained at variable temperatures.
  • double stereotaxis instrument

    Standard Stereotaxis Instrument, 68002

    Extended base plate (400mm x 255mm) is applicable for a variety of animal sizes.

  • Unique anti-clockwise UP mark engraved in the knob prevents incorrect operation.
  • Vertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate function at any angle.
  • To ensure a precise designed lateral rotation operating space, the distance between knob and the U-shaped frame is 28mm.
  • Laser engraved scales enable comfortable reading.
  • Curved nose clamp design secures the head of animals.
  • Ear bar locked plate pressing instead of clamping ensures more stability.
  • Syringe pump, micro camera and drill can be attached to instruments.



Rotation Stereotaxis

Rotation Stereotaxis Instrument

rotation stereotaxis instrument
  • Part number: 68823
  • The Rotation Stereotaxis Instument shares all the features of the Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, with the addition of a rotatable base for carrying out animal surgery from different angles.
  • Its high quality rotary parts ensure flexibility and durability.
  • Over its entire 360°range, it can be locked every 45°.



Rats and Mice Stereotaxis

Stereotaxis Instrument for Rats & Mice

stereotaxis instrument for rats and mice
  • Part number: 68867S
  • Both rat & mouse adaptors available
  • Ear bars can be installed
  • Upgrade to digital model is available




large animal stereotaxis instrument
  • Animal Stereotaxis

    Large Animal Stereotaxis Instrument

    Part number: 68834

  • The Large Animal Stereotaxis Instrument incorporates all the features of standard stereotaxis instrument and is applicable for neuroscience experiments on most large laboratory animals.
  • Adaptors are available for dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs, and other experimental animals.
  • Extremely stable and flexible; can be fixed to the base plate or workbench.
  • Unique jaw plate design better stabilizes the heads of large animals of varying weights.
  • With a unique swivel stand, the rail can rotate 360° freely; suitable for operation from various angles.
  • Six manipulator arms can be conveniently installed onto the two parallel rails; enabling multiple operations to be independently conducted on a single animal in one surgery.
  • Rail scale ranges: ±100mm with 1mm resolution.
  • 180° vertical and 360° horizontal rotation with standard 2-dimensional manipulators.
  • Verniercaliper reading with 100μm resolution applied to all manipulators and rails.
  • Combined with microdriver, the resolution of vertical reading can be promoted to 50μm



RWD supplies a comprehensive range of adaptors, ear bars, drills, head and spinal cord impactors and others, suitable for many animal species including:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Birds
  • Dogs
  • Monkeys
  • Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs and more…

Contact for more details for your application.