inhalation anaesthesia

Animal Anaesthesia Research EquipmentRWD Life Science is a world leading manufacturer of inhalation anaesthesia systems for the life science research community. Multiple complete solutions for different surgical procedures in mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, monkey, pig etc. are available.

Advantages of the RWD anaesthesia systems include:

  • Precise and stable control of anaesthetic agents output regardless of environmental changes like pressure, temperature and air flow within the specific limits.
  • The miniaturized design of anaesthesia machines and scavenging system helps to improve laboratory space utilization.
  • Unique Stereotaxic Frame Nosecone Masks and Cone Masks with tiny sizes satisfy more delicate surgeries like craniocerebral and ophthalmological surgery, and at the same time minimize harmful exposure to the research subjects while connecting to evacuation system.
  • The latest-designed waste gas evacuation system with weighing brings research subjects great convenience.
  • High absorption efficiency of activated charcoal filter canister.