Em50G & Em60G

download data over the internet


  • Em50G: a 5-channel, telemetry data logger
  • Em60G: a 6-channel, telemetry data logger
  • A low cost, plug and play data logger for Decagon / METER Environmental sensors
  • An in-built, 3G modem and sim card allows for the remote download of data anywhere there is mobile phone reception
  • Large internal storage of 36,000 scans
  • Power supply from 5 x AA batteries for at least 6 months
  • USB download for rapid data collection
  • Environmental proof enclosure
  • Simple, pre-programmed and ready to go

The Em50G and Em60G are self-contained data logger built to power, read, and log data from five sensors. All Decagon sensors work with the Em50G and Em60G; no programming is necessary.

The Em50G/60G doesn’t need an enclosure or an external power source. The logger case itself is rated NEMA 4, IP55 for long-term outdoor use, and the logger will run (and power its sensors) for one to three years, depending on your measurement interval, on 5 AA batteries.

The Em50G has 5 sensor ports and one communication port. The Em60G has 6 sensor ports and one communication port.

Rather than having a screen and a keyboard, the Em50G/60G is configured by plugging a laptop into the comm port. The included ECH2O Utility software provides setup windows which name the logger, set the logger clock, select the type of sensor on each port, and specify how often you want the sensors read.

The Em50G/60G can store more than 36,000 data scans. A scan includes the logger name, date, time, and measurements from each of the five ports.


ECHO utility software

The ECHO Utility Software is a free to download interface software for the Em50 Data Logger.

  • Use ECHO Utility to configure your Em50 Data Logger.
  • Data is downloaded as an Excel file.
  • Calculate how many days of storage you have based on your preferred measurement interval.
  • Monitor battery life.
  • Name data logger, set date, time, and measurement interval, and specify sensors for each port using drop down menus.
  • Download both calibrated and unprocessed data to MS Excel or DataTrac.


  • Connect to ECH2O loggers directly or with radio telemetry.
  • Set all logger configuration parameters with visual controls.
  • Make real-time sensor measurements (scan sensors).
  • Create Excel or text files with raw or processed data.
  • Create configuration and data files for use with DataTrac.
  • Process data downloaded with ECH2O Utility Mobile.
  • Test the quality of radio telemetry connections.
  • Hard disk with 20 MB of free space.
  • Windows XP with 128 MB RAM.
  • Available serial port (or USB to Serial adapter).
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or better (if saving data as xls files).



  • Sensor Input: Decagon/METER Group range of sensors only
  • Number of Channels: Em50G: 5; Em60G: 6
  • Data Download: Direct with USB to Excel file or remotely via mobile phone SIM card/internet
  • Software: Free download of ECHO Utility Software
  • Data Storage: 36,000 scans
  • Power Supply: 5 x AA Batteries (potentially up to 12 months life)
  • Optional Power Supply: Built-in solar panel and lithium-ion battery
  • Logging Interval: 5 minutes to 12 hours
  • Reporting Interval: Hourly. Contact support for options for more frequent data delivery.
  • Mobile/Cellular Coverage: Telstra Recommended; UMTS 3G 5-band cellular module with 2G fallback
  • Internet Downloads: SSL/TLS encrypted
  • Enclosure Rating: IP55, NEMA 3R
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 20.3 cm x 5.1 cm
  • Operating Environment: -40 to 60 °C, up to 100% RH

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