data logger & controller with modem


  • a data logger and controller in one. Control industrial and environmental applications such as pumps and alarms
  • 4 x analog sensors or numerous SDI-12 or RS-485 sensors
  • In-built modem for remote download of data
  • SMS, email and Twitter alarms and alerts
  • Environmental enclosure for long-term field monitoring

The microSpider2 Data Logger is a compact, low cost and low power data logger with direct download via USB connection or remote download via mobile phone network. Data can be sent remotely via email or FTP. Up to 8 alarms sent via SMS, email or voice, with user defined input and trigger points. The Spider SMS can be housed in a IP65 rated powder-coated box for long-term installations in all environmental conditions.


available models
  • microSpider2 Environmentalan IP-68 rated, weatherproof data logger with built-in modem and lithium-ion battery. An “all-in-one” data logging solution that does not require external power supply such as a solar panel.
  • microSpider2 Industriala data logger with built-in modem. The microSpider2 Industrial does require an enclosure and external battery/power supply.


  • 8 channels for SDI-12, voltage, 4 to 20mA or counter sensors
  • Capacity: 400,000 records
  • Time Resolution: 1 second
  • Download Format: csv file
  • Direct Communication: Ethernet 10 base-T RJ-45 (cable supplied)
  • Mobile Phone Communication: Built-in GSM or NextG to email or FTP
  • Internet Connectivity: GPRS or 3G
  • Power Supply: 20W solar panel or mains to charge built-in sealed led acid battery


the grape monitor

In 2017, the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries commissioned Edaphic Scientific to install a phyto-monitoring system on various varieties of grapevines.

Known as The Grape Monitor, the phyto-systems are measuring stem growth (dendrometers), sap flow, soil moisture, canopy temperature, and more parameters.

Data is uploaded to the internet via the Edaphic Scientific telemetry system. These data can be viewed at anytime.

For more information, visit The Grape Monitor.


whole system monitoring solutions

Edaphic Scientific is a one-stop shop for a whole system monitoring solution. We provide plant and soil monitoring systems for researchers and growers.

Our systems not only support dendrometers, but related sensors such as sap flow, soil moisture, weather parameters, and more.

At Edaphic Scientific we want to work with you from the start of your project through to its completion. We can provide:

  • Assistance with project and experimental design
  • Procurement of all monitoring equipment, including sensors, data loggers and data management software. Edaphic Scientific is a one-stop shop where we can source and find any necessary equipment for your project from our preferred suppliers or third party suppliers
  • Installation and training
  • On-going assistance with data interpretation and equipment maintenance
  • Data correction and analysis, including statistical analysis with the R-package
  • Report and publication preparation including tables, figures, graphs, and manuscript writing


advanced data collection and management solutions

DMS IPhoneEdaphic Scientific recognises the need for flexible and adaptable sensor and data logging solutions for experimental or environmental monitoring projects.

Data can be downloaded directly in the field from data loggers. A direct connection between the data loggers and your computer, via a USB cable, can be used for manual downloading of data.

Alternatively, data can be downloaded over the internet on your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer with the Eagle.io cloud-based, data management software solutions. Through this remote based downloading capabilities, you can download, view and manage your data, and system, anywhere in the world and at anytime.



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