dissolved hydrogen sulfide

Unisense H2S

The Unisense H2S microsensor is ideal for biogeochemistry & greenhouse gas research

H2S sensor

Measure dissolved H2S in marine, fresh or groundwater to depths of 100m

H2S meter

Portable dissolved H2S meter for research & environmental monitoring


Telemetry, online and data logging systems for continuous monitoring

about dissolved hydrogen sulfide

Edaphic Scientific provides solutions for the monitoring of dissolved hydrogen sulfide for scientific research and the waste water industry. The Unisense range of H2S microsensors are ideal for biogeochemistry, biomedical and other scientific research applications. Our dissolved H2S sensors are fast-response, amperometric microsensors. Measurements can be made very rapidly (less than 5 seconds) and very accurately. The dissolved H2S sensors for industry are pre-calibrated and ready to be used upon delivery. The sensors can connect to your existing PLC, SCADA or data logging system. Or Edaphic Scientific can provide system monitoring solutions or portable, handheld options.