plant research & monitoring

sap flow

Measure sap flow in trees, small and herbaceous stems, petioles and flowers

water potential

Leaf and stem water potential, pressure volume curves, hydraulic conductance


Dendrometers for trees, small stems, and fruits, for size variations and growth

stem water

Stem water content sensors including capacitance, TDR and heat pulse velocity


The SC-1 leaf porometer is a low cost, easy to use, meter for stomatal conductance


Measure photosynthesis and respiration with lab benchtop or portable, field meters

leaf temperature

A light weight, micro-temperature sensor for leaf temperature

infrared sensor

Measure leaf and plant temperature with an infrared temperature sensor

leaf area index

Use the AccuPAR LP-80 Ceptometer to measure leaf area index (LAI)


Measure chlorophyll on leaves, seedlings and small plants with the CCM200 Plus


Continuously monitor NDVI & PRI with sensors for data loggers, LoRaWAN and IoT