soil research & monitoring

water content

Soil volumetric water content sensors, meters & loggers

water potential

Field or lab measurements of soil water potential

salinity or EC

Salinity or electrical conductivity sensors


Soil saturated or unsaturated hydraulic conductivity


Soil thermal conductivity, diffusivity & specific heat

pore water

Soil solution samplers and lysimeters

soil carbon

The EOSense GP-001 Sensor for soil CO2 concentration

soil CO2 flux

The EOSense FD-001 Sensor for soil CO2 flux


Soil oxygen sensors and portable meters

soil nutrients

Measure N-P-K with a benchtop photometer / colorimeter

soil pH

A portable soil pH meter for field and lab measurements

soil respirometer

Measure the O2 and CO2 exchange (respiration) of soil


A wick lysimeter for vadose zone drainage monitoring

particle size

PARIO soil particle size analysis meter