E-Test field data logger

Field Soil Moisture SystemThe E-Test Field Data Logger (the D-LOG system) is designed to support the E-Test range of time domain reflectometry (TDR) soil volumetric water content and salinity probes, water potential (tensiometer) sensors and temperature sensors for long-term, in-situ, continuous monitoring applications for soil scientists and engineers in the field. The D-LOG system can also be deployed in laboratory, soil columns, and glasshouse applications.


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TDR Data LoggerThe D-LOG system consists of one or several TDR/MUX/mpts meters and a MIDL-2 (Multi Interface Data Logger) wireless GPRS communication unit for laboratory or field monitoring systems of water content, water capillary pressure, salinity (bulk electrical conductivity) and temperature in porous bodies, especially soil.


  • Designed to monitor soil moisture, electrical conductivity, temperature and capillary pressure.
  • Supply by external power source 6-15 V DC.
  • Minimal power consumption in the continuous work mode and almost no power consumption (30 pW max.) in controlled sleep mode.


MIDL-2: multi interface data logger
  • ModemRadio communication with user-accessible Internet server using embedded GPRS modem.
  • Remote data access, configuration and synchronization of internal clock by Internet browser.
  • Automatic scheduled upload of the measurement results to an FTP account.
  • Serial RS485 work interface for connecting TDR/MUX/mpts unit.
  • USB communication with a PC computer using free software.


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