soil moisture & temperature

Soil Moisture and TemperatureThe single point sensor is 10.5cm in size and can measure soil moisture + temperature or soil moisture + temperature + salinity. The sensor can be completely buried in the soil.

Unlike other single point sensors, the sensor measures volumetric water content for the length of the sensor.

Two cabling options are available, one where the cable exits from the side of the unit, and the other where the cable exits out the top of the unit.

Currently available with the SDI-12 protocol, with applications including (but not limited to) scientific research, hydrology, turf, nursery, greenhouse, planted rooftops and green roofs, mushroom production, satellite cross-calibration and leachate monitoring.


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data logging options

Data LoggerEdaphic Scientific supports a range of data loggers with remote download of data over the internet or direct download in the field.

We can supply, program and install sensors and data loggers for your project. Alternatively, we can assist you in connecting sensors to your existing data logging system.

Edaphic Scientific can also provide data management software where all of your data is downloaded and managed over the internet in the cloud. You can view and manage your software, through easy to use graphic interfaces, anywhere there is an internet connection.


Measurement Principle Capacitance
Measurement Resolution Moisture: 1:10,000 | Temperature: 0.3 °C
Temperature Accuracy +/- 2 °C @ 25 °C
Probe Length 10.5 cm
Probe Diameter 2.5 cm
Operating Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Output SDI-12
Input 12 VDC
Cable Length 5m (extensions up to 60m available)


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