portable TDR meter

TDR Moisture ProbeThe FOM/mts is ideal equipment for soil moisture measurements for scientists and engineers. The FOM/mts is based on Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measurement principle – the most accurate approach to soil moisture measurements. The FOM/mts can also measure the electrical conductivity (EC), or salinity, and temperature of the soil.


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  • Measurement of soil moisture (accuracy: ±2% of the measured value), bulk electrical conductivity (accuracy: ±0.01 S/m) and temperature (accuracy: ±0.5°C).
  • Operates with field and laboratory TDR probes.
  • TDR ProbeAbility to calibrate individual probes to achieve better measurement accuracy.
  • Supports probes with various cable lengths from 1.5 up to 6 m.
  • Light handheld enclosure.
  • Ability to register and store up to 1000 readings in the internal flash memory.
  • Keyboard and LCD display (160×128 dots) with user friendly operating software.
  • Connection by a USB interface with PC compatible computers for data transfer, probe calibration and firmware upgrade.
  • Free PC software.
  • Lithium-polymer battery supply.


sensor specifications
feature specification
Measurement Principle Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Sensor Dimensions 2 parallel stainless steel rods | 100mm Length | 2mm Diameter spaced 14mm apart (smaller probes available upon request)
Cable Length 1.5m (standard) | Up to 6m (optional)
Measurement Range
Soil Volumetric Water Content 0 to 100 %
Temperature -20 to 50 °C
Electrical Conductivity/Salinity 0 to 1 S/m
Measurement Accuracy
Soil Volumetric Water Content ± 2% or less with soil specific calibration
Temperature ± 0.5 °C
Electrical Conductivity/Salinity ± 10%
Measurement Resolution
Soil Volumetric Water Content 0.1 %
Temperature 0.1 °C
Electrical Conductivity/Salinity 1 mS m-1



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