PLUS wireless soil moisture

  • Wireless Soil Moisture SensorMulti-sensor probes with wireless to the internet data logging
  • Internal, lithium-ion battery without the need for solar panels
  • Self-contained units with the EnviroSCAN moisture probe or Drill & Drop moisture probes connect to a DTU via a short-distance cable
  • Options to measure soil moisture, temperature and salinity
  • IrriMAX software for data viewing on mobile phones, tablets or PC’s




Wireless Soil Moisture SensorThe All-in-One consists of a classic EnviroSCAN probe or the Drill & Drop probe and PLUS modem technology, all packaged into one neat cable-free solution.

To fit the modem and battery into the EnviroSCAN or Drill & Drop probe, a plastic housing extension has been designed to screw directly onto the standard top cap. This makes for an easy upgrade from hardwired or radio systems and means no external cables to cover up between the probe and telemetry. The probe and modem are powered by a replaceable lithium battery, which lasts for up to 18 months depending on sampling and upload rates.

As with the standard PLUS system, there is a choice of cell and satellite modems to suit your area. Antennas can be mounted inside or on top of the All-in-One or extended to a separate mounting pole for improved reception.



PLUS All-in-One Hardware Manual V1.1-1


video – PLUS with Drill & Drop soil moisture probe


video – PLUS with EnviroSCAN soil moisture probe


video – PLUS webinar (note: webinar is from 2010 so some details may be out of date)