portable pH meters

Hanna pH SensorEdaphic Scientific caters portable pH meters for a range of applications including scientific research, aquaculture, soils, water quality, wastewater, aquariums, laboratories and more. Our pH meters are supplied from the world leading manufacturer, Hanna Instruments. Benefits of our pH meters include:

  • Low cost models for researchers, industry and students
  • Extremely high accuracy up to ±0.002 pH
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain
  • Waterproof handheld meter with rugged carry case
  • Interchangeable or Multi-parameter to models to measure pH, EC, DO, Redox, ISE, temperature, barometric pressure and more…

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portable pH meter models
  • pH Soil Sensor

    The pH-SOIL Sensor and Meter has a pH electrode that is specifically designed to measure pH in soils.

    HI-INT – Portable pH Meter with interchangeable sensors (additional sensors include EC, DO and ISE)

  • pH-WP – Portable, Waterproof, pH Meter
  • pH-SOIL – Portable pH Meter for Soil Measurements
  • pH-LC – Low Cost Portable pH Meter for students and teaching
  • HI-MULTI – 3-in-1 Portable Meter to measure pH, EC and DO simultaneously


  • Data Logging (HI-INT and HI-MULTI models only)

The log-on-demand feature allows users to store up to 300 samples (depending on model) that can be later transferred to a PC with the supplied USB cable and software.

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

All pH measurements are automatically corrected for temperature variations with the inbuilt temperature sensor.

  • Calibration
simple pH sensor

The pH-LC is an easy-to-use, affordable, yet accurate pH meter that is ideal for students and teaching.

Up to a 5 point calibration with calibration solutions supplied as part of Portable pH Meter Kit. The CAL Check™ feature alerts users to problems during calibration including dirty/broken electrode, contaminated
buffer and overall probe condition.

  • Easy Maintenance

Sensors are easily cleaned and can be individually replaced at any time. Replacement sensors are available from Edaphic Scientific.

  • Waterproof Meter and Rugged Carrying Case

IP67 environmental protection rated waterproof hand held meter means you will not damage the Portable pH Meter in the field. Transport the Portable ph Meter in a rugged carrying case.

  • AA Battery Operated

The units are powered from 4 x AA batteries for up to 200 hours of battery life.


general specifications of pH sensor

Note: precise specifications vary slightly depending on model. Contact Edaphic Scientific for more details.

  • Range -2.0 to 16.0 pH; -2.00 to 20.00 pH; -2.000 to 20.000 pH
  • Resolution 0.1 pH; 0.01 pH; 0.001 pH
  • Accuracy ±0.1 pH; ±0.01 pH; ±0.002 pH
  • Calibration up to five-point calibration, seven standard buffers available (1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45) and five custom buffers
  • Temperature Compensation automatic or manual from -20.0 to 120.0°C


brochures and manuals

HI-INT Interchangeable pH EC DO Portable Meter Brochure

HI-MULTI Multi Sensor Portable Meter Brochure